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Exceptional care from our Skilled Nurses

We offer a wide range of skilled nursing services, including:

Monitoring Vital Signs and Body Systems
Our skilled nurses can help monitor vital signs, including body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration rate. Constant monitoring of vital signs allows healthcare professionals to identify the possibility of underlying illnesses through fluctuations in a patient’s vitals.
Pain Management
Pain can be a dull ache or a sharp stab at any part of the body, which can range from mild to extreme. Understanding the cause and learning effective ways to cope with pain can improve quality of life. Our professionals can help you or your loved ones cope with pain.
Injections, IV Fluids & Antibiotic Therapy
Some significant advantages of this therapy are:

  • It is often effective when oral antibiotics have proven ineffective
  • It can be performed on an outpatient basis, allowing the patient to remain at home or in a setting that is familiar and safe to them
  • It is easier to administer to patients who may resist taking pills
Emergency Preparedness & Environmental Safety
Emergency Preparedness is a continuous cycle of planning, organizing, training, equipping, exercising, evaluating, and taking corrective action to ensure effective coordination during incident response. Our skilled nurses are highly trained and prepared to keep patients safe when emergencies occur.
Post Operative & Rehabilitation Care; Orthopedic Care
Our orthopedic post-operative nurses are responsible for taking care of a patient after they undergo an orthopedic surgical procedure. Specific responsibilities include close supervision and care immediately following surgery, routine daily monitoring, and care plan management.
Nutritional Counseling
Nutritional counseling is an assessment made to analyze various lifestyle modifications needed involving a person’s diet and exercise. Our nutritional counselors help patients set achievable health goals and teach ways of maintaining these goals throughout their lifetime.
Medication Management
Our medication management therapy ensures that patients are receiving optimal outcomes from their prescription medications. In this service, we also perform medication reconciliation by providing a comprehensive assessment of all existing and new medications prescribed to a patient. Special attention is given to medication adherence, side effects, drug interactions, and other concerns.
Wound & Decubitus Care
Our wound care physicians and nurses are skilled in handling pressure ulcers and other kinds of wounds. They will assess the wound and the treatments it requires.
Medical Supplies/Equipment
Dedicated Home Health Services, Inc. offers carefully selected medical equipment and supplies to help you regain your independence and make your life safer and easier. We offer a full spectrum of items to help you thrive.
Diabetes, Cardiac & Respiratory Care
Our professionals will first assess the illness experienced by a patient, including the impacts this has on their health and overall well-being. They will monitor the illness and any fluctuation in a patient’s vital signs. Lastly, they will review the patient’s medications and treatments to ensure they are receiving the care they need. By coordinating with a patient’s physician, these services will ensure that patients receive effective treatments and make necessary lifestyle changes to improve their condition.

  • Diabetes Care
    Diabetes happens when the body could not effectively use its own insulin to allow cells to take in the sugar in the blood. As such, the sugar stays in a person’s bloodstream.
  • Cardiac Care
    Cardiac diseases may manifest in different ways including abnormal heart rhythms, aortic diseases, valvular diseases, and more.
  • Respiratory Care
    Patients requiring respiratory care are those suffering from asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cystic fibrosis, lung cancer, AIDS, and other lung-related conditions.

With any illness or disease, our health care professionals will address behavior change, self-efficacy, and any underlying factors that may affect the patients well-being. We will help to establish a specific plan or contract with the patient to meet simple, measurable goals.

Patient Education
Patient education is the process by which health professionals and others impart information to patients and their caregivers that will alter their health behaviors or improve their health status.

Our professionals will help to educate clients regarding their illness or disease, emergency preparedness and environmental safety.

Here at DHHS, we want to optimize the overall health and wellness of our clients. If you want to know more about our skilled nursing services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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